NCam 8.0-r0 Emu -r784

Ncam v.8.0 compiled and patched by marouan & RAED - 11.01.2019
-Tryfix for Powervu EMU
-fix orf cards (0D98) au if global is blocked
-Better stream type identification based on descriptors (NCam now detects the type of each stream pid (video, audio, subtitle, etc) based, not only on the "stream type" value in the PMT, but on the stream descriptors as well. Stream type detection is crucial when using the extended cw and this patch fixes many problems with PowerVu? channels which had no working audio streams. Stream type detection is now done once and is the same whether the "simple" cw or the extended cw are used. all based on Nautilus7 great JOB !!!!)
-created functions for detecting caid. "tandberg" is renamed to "director", because tandberg is the compary and director is the CA system
-add support for VideoGuard? BSkyB (0960) entitlement date
-[gbx] - fix oscam crash when enable ccc to gbx share

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