Enigma2 plugin skin iflatfhd setup v0.8r15-beta - 10.02.2019

Flo79 whrote:
here is the version 1.9.1 FHD

The following has been changed:
- automatic TMDB function removed, because this does not work the covers can still be loaded manually (EPG key).
- some adjustments to the Skinparts.1080pFHD and iFlatFHD
- change the line heights (in some screens hats not yet fit).
*** NOTE *** The skinparts only work:
- from the Sky Recorder version 1.9.1 FHD
- from the current iFlatFHD version 6.3 because other dividing lines were installed here, the enigma2-plugin-skin-iflatfhd-setup v0.8r15-beta all plugin must be installed, otherwise the box will crash !!! The dividing lines are only created when saving in the iFlatFHD setup menu!

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